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Company Evaluation

Newfocus Design and Consultancy PLC offers its services in turning troubled projects around for contractors and developers.  Our multi-faceted experience in construction makes it possible to work with the staff on a troubled project, or completely take it over.


  • Total review of construction projects by experienced personnel.
  • Complete financial review of the project.
  • Evaluation of a company’s ability to successfully complete this work.
  • Identification of the weaknesses and strengths of a stalled project.
  • Investigation and collection of data from relevant documents.


  • Assess the contractor’s capabilities to complete the project.
  • Implement Proper Project Management resources allocation.
  • Produce an accurate project schedule.
  • Perform a cost to complete estimate.
  • Set-up a job cost budget and tracking system.
  • Monitor the progress of the work.

Surety Support

Newfocus Design and Consultancy PLC  is a leader in the field of analyzing and resolving the problems surrounding construction firms. Because of that ability Newfocus is often called to assist the surety in evaluating their exposure, or to implement preemptive measures to head off default. Our founders pioneered some of the remedies used universally today. We are still finding new ways to stop loss and freeze remedial costs.

Default Suppport

  • Knowledgeable personnel provide objective and accurate evaluations.
  • Assess the contractor’s ability to successfully complete its work on hand.
  • Provide a complete financial review.
  • Identify the weaknesses and strengths of a stalled project.
  • Assemble an objective analysis of the situation.
  • Monitor and evaluate ongoing projects.

Risk Control

  • Assess a contractor’s capabilities to take on a given construction project.
  • Analyze questioned bids by principal.
  • Implement Project Management systems and resources allocation.
  • Monitor and evaluate ongoing projects.

Completion Estimates

The task of estimating has sometimes been referred to an as an “art”, which should not be confused with the artful way it is presented. Estimating for construction implies understanding the owner and architect’s intent, applying engineering methods to quantify the intent, and pricing the units utilizing accurate, local cost information.

Newfocus offers clients the ability to perform conceptual estimating, as well as detailed construction quantity surveys and pricing.  These services authenticate budget needs and/or completion costs. Architects, engineers, owners and lenders utilize Newfocus’s services to help keep projected project cost in control. Designers use our services to get a “second opinion” of the cost of their design.

Nowhere in construction planning and programming is the need for experience so important as with the construction estimate. Newfocus’s experience and knowledge of the construction industry provides the owner and architects with the most realistic evaluation of a project.

Construction Finance

Newfocus has a long history of providing assistance to financial institutions and investors. We can augment their knowledge and staff to recognize and ward off potential problems, delays, cost overruns and claims which can occur during construction. Additionally, Newfocus can help reduce construction costs with construct-ability review and life-cycle cost analysis of alternative systems and materials.

Pre-loan Services

  • Evaluate of practicality of the proposed schedule and budget.
  • Assist in site evaluation and selection.
  • Assist owner in selection of architect/engineer. Define scope of services.
  • Prepare conceptual “Milestone” schedule.
  • Help define project objectives and constraints.
  • Review plans and specifications for quality and adequacy.
  • Review the loan agreement for compatibility with those in the agreements between the owner and-the architect/engineer and contractor.


  • Perform on-site observations and review of monthly draw requests.
  • Prepare evaluation of the progress, remaining work, completion date.
  • Prepare summaries of funds spent and adequacy of funds to complete.
  • Evaluate the contractor’s ability to complete the project on time.
  • Review change orders and determine the impact of changes on the construction schedule and completion date.


Newfocus has considerable experience in construction scheduling. This service is invaluable to owners, architects, engineers and contractors. Newfocus can provide schedules from the preliminary conceptual stage throughout the project using computerized or non-computerized systems. We offer:

Full Service

  • Schedule and monitor the architect – engineer’s design process.
  • Preliminary construction schedules.
  • Determine project milestones.
  • Develop a comprehensive construction schedule.
  • Produce and up-date a cash-flow scheduling as it applies to debt service.
  • Conduct on-site periodic inspections and schedule up-dates.
  • Conduct project control meetings involving the owner, architect, contractor and any — other party impacting progress.


  • Evaluate design progress and report to owner.
  • Evaluate contractor’s schedule for initial project.
  • Analyze and approve the contractor’s complete construction schedule.
  • Develop “work-around” or recovery schedules when there are delays.
  • Report on if, or how, participants are impacting the overall schedule.
  • Perform Milestone analysis and advise client of impact on project.



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