Newfocus Spare Part Import

Newfoucs Spare Part is an importer, distributor and retailer of genuine spare parts for vehicles  heavy machineries in Ethiopia. The company subsidiary of newfocuseth as supplier of spare parts such as oil, air and fuel filters, brake parts like brake pads and sensors, brake shoes, brake discs, brake drums, brake disks, brake chambers for drum and for disk, brake camshaft, brake lining and kite brake items, differential parts, engine parts, body parts, electrical parts, air pneumatic parts, connectors, air hoses, belts, valves, air bags and parts, gear boxes, engine blocks, pistons, piston rigs, fan blades, shafts, starter motors, alternators, clutches, water pumps, fuel pumps, cabine parts, suspension parts and many more.

The company also have a plan to supply parts other vehicle brands and other services such as

    • Spare parts for SINO Trucks
    • Spare parts for Daewoo
    • Spare parts for construction machineries

We have the experience of supplying parts to big governmental organizations, non governmental organizations, construction companies and large and small frieght and other transport service providers.

If you have any inquiry, we are glad to help you regarding our company and business. Please feel free to contact us.