About Newfocus Furniture Import 

Newfocus Furniture Import  objective is to expand its branch’s and products portfolios from year to Year to satisfy the ever increasing demand for international standards and requirements of our customers in abroad and domestic Markets. Products we import to meet the highest quality and durability requests of the market with exceptional workmanship services. To this end Newfocus Furniture participates in all major tender floating by governments and private local and international bids and tries to be bridge for the end users and manufacturers of local and international companies.

Since its establishment, Newfocus Furniture Import  is constantly scaling up both in the quality of its products and services. The company has shown a magnificent growth in sales volume and in organizational size over the last Fifteen years. Whatever you need for your factory, hotel, restaurant, canteen or office. Think about desks, receptions, beds, dining tables, office cabinets, book shelves, locker cabinets, picnic tables and much more.


Reward yourself with high quality furniture in your house! Think about the long term. Enjoy the feeling of nice wood, soft-close drawer systems and strong things.