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We are architects with an unwavering commitment to designing environments that shape the way people live, learn, work, and play, and at their best, uplift the human spirit. Our firm is dedicated to helping institutions and communities envision pivotal projects that translate into meaningful buildings of lasting value. In particular, we recognize the impact that thoughtful and imaginative design can have on education.

Newfocus Design and Consultancy PLC is a consulting engineering and architectural firm committed to innovative designs, sustainable solutions and high-quality services for clients nationwide. We view clients as partners where mutual respect, trust and integrity lead to long-term relationships over multiple projects.

Newfocus Design and Consultancy PLC is committed to leading the industry with next-generation architectural, electrical & project management practices for new and retrofit construction projects. As part of its commissioning practice, Newfocus Design and Consultancy PLC ensures optimum performance for new and existing buildings. We design high-performance building systems and central plants that reduce operating costs while providing quality indoor environmental conditions and optimal user comfort.

Our goals are to create better and more efficient environments and to improve our workplace and invest in and support our employees
Newfocus Design and Consultancy PLC  is best known for its sustainable engineering practices which have garnered recognition and numerous awards for leadership and success. Sustainability and green building design is in the company’s DNA and is core to our employee’s beliefs. It guides our business. Our commitment to sustainable engineering and energy practices is evident in new standards defined by our leadership team and staff. These standards include high-performance commercial buildings that are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and efficient in terms of water use and indoor environmental quality.

We know that successful relationships lead to successful projects. Newfocus Design and Consultancy PLC achieves higher-than-industry-average retention rates for clients and employees because we focus on client service, employee development and recognition, philanthropic and volunteer efforts, and sustainable practices.


To blend firsthand knowledge from seasoned construction professionals with the needs of architects, engineers, owners, contractors and developers.


We believe that our review and guidance at various stages of the design and construction project will improve schedule and budget, with a marked reduction in disputes and problems. The integrity of our firm and its many associates, together with their mastery of today’s construction and management techniques, will assure the successful completion of your construction project.


Our unique approach to solving construction problems comes from many years of successfully completing construction projects. Newfocus Design and Consultancy PLC consists of professionals with vast years of experience on projects ranging from very small to large amount of money  in value. Newfocus Design and Consultancy PLC’s principals and associates are all currently active in the construction industry. Projects in which Newfocus Design and Consultancy PLC has been involved includes hotels, apartments, malls, mixed use buildings, high-rise buildings, shopping centers, educational facilities and others.

Our professionals are expert in analyzing and controlling budgets, labor and material allocations, staffing needs and home office management. Because of our experience, Newfocus Design and Consultancy PLC can formulate prompt, practical solutions and analysis for almost any construction situation. We have an impressive network of associates when special expertise is required.


01 August 2021

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