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We are architects with an unwavering commitment to designing environments that shape the way people live, learn, work, and play, and at their best, uplift the human spirit. Our firm is dedicated to helping institutions and communities envision pivotal projects that translate into meaningful buildings of lasting value. In particular, we recognize the impact that thoughtful and imaginative design can have on education.

Committed to

We are committed to leading the industry with next-generation mechanical, electrical, plumbing & technology engineering practices for new and retrofit construction projects. As part of its commissioning practice, Newfocus Design and Consulting PLC ensures optimum performance for new and existing buildings. We design high-performance building systems and central plants that reduce operating costs while providing quality indoor environmental conditions and optimal user comfort.

Our goals

70+ Project Completed All
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are to create better and more efficient environments and to improve our workplace and invest in and support our employees.

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Company Evaluation

We offers its services in turning troubled projects around for contractors and developers.  Our multi-faceted experience in construction makes it possible to work with the staff on a troubled project, or completely take it over.

Surety Support

We are leaders in the field of analyzing and resolving the problems surrounding construction firms. We often called to assist the surety in evaluating their exposure, or to implement preemptive measures to head off default.

Completion Estimates

Newfocus offers clients the ability to perform conceptual estimating, as well as detailed construction quantity surveys and pricing. 
These services authenticate budget needs and/or completion costs.

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Brehanu International Hotel

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National Oil Ethiopia

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Movenpic Addis Hotel

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